Boudoir photo shoot in Fresno, California Boudoir studio

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Hello ladies! Instagram is one of my favorite places to connect with my clients but… I can only share a sneak peek from each client session, and it’s just not enough! So, in this blog post, I’m pulling back the curtain and giving you an exclusive look into what a client’s collection truly looks like. […]

A Look inside a Client Collection | The New Studio – Fresno/Clovis Boudoir Photographer

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Hear all about my client’s experience after booking a boudoir shoot of her own! She walks you through what it felt like to book, shoot, and see her finished images for the first time. You also get a peek into her album! “The whole experience was just amazing. I loved every part of it.” -K […]

Client Review | Hear from one of my real clients

Client describes her boudoir photo shoot experience
rhinestone bodysuit from amazon perfect for boudoir session

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Best lingerie and outfit ideas to wear for boudoir photo shoot from amazon.

Boudoir Shoot Outfit Ideas from Amazon

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At my studio, we love to create a variety of absolutely breathtaking boudoir photographs. Most of my clients end up designing an album to display their images, so it’s important to get a mix of styles and looks for your shoot. Here’s a peek at the different styles of photos we take… Semi-Silhouette Detail Shots […]

What your dream boudoir shoot could look like…

boudoir photo shoot in clovis, california
Boudoir Studio Tour in Fresno, Ca

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Welcome to the studio! We designed every bit of this studio with creating photographs in mind. From the floors to the color of the paint on the walls, we customized every bit to make the best portraits and the best client experience possible. The studio features 4 rooms and a shooting space which we use […]

Studio Tour | Boudoir Studio Tour in Clovis, Ca